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As the oldest Australian whisky to date, we are immensely proud to introduce HH0004. This Old & Rare American oak second-fill barrel was filled on October 5th, 1999, and patiently matured for 24 years until it reached its peak on January 5th, 2024. Laid down during our fifth year of operation, this cask offers a rare glimpse into the earliest chapters of our distillery's history. Following its remarkable, decades-long maturation, HH0004 has yielded just 335 bottles at 52% ABV. The style of spirit crafted in 1999 was designed for long-term maturation, and the rich rewards of those additional years are abundant in this exceptional cask.

Each bottle comes in a handmade, solid oak presentation box, and includes a letter of authenticity signed by our Distillery Manager.

"Deeply inviting. The epitome of well-aged Sullivans Cove spirit at its full potential. With the transformation this cask has undertaken over 24 years, this whisky reflects a careful and patient approach, illustrating the significance of nurturing the spirit throughout its maturation journey. The result is nothing less than astounding, HH0004 exudes depth and complexity from the moment it's nosed, with a rich interplay of floral, sweet, and savoury elements."
                 - Heather Tillott, Distillery Manager


Cask Number HH0004
24 years, 2 months old
Made in Tasmania 
2.55 kg
12 x 12 x 26 cm

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