Old & Rare

Highly acclaimed and awarded, Old & Rare bottlings from Sullivans Cove Distillery are reserved for casks aged at least sixteen years. Our philosophy prioritises bottling whiskies at their peak of flavour and character, regardless of age. Though most reach this point at around 10-12 years, occasionally, our skilled distillers identify casks suitable for extended maturation, resulting in some of Australia's oldest and rarest whiskies.

These single casks boast remarkable palate depth, richness, and texture while preserving the distinct brightness of Sullivans Cove's spirit. Each bottle is presented in a unique hand-made solid wood box and includes a letter of authenticity signed by our Head Distiller, Heather Tillott.


Introducing The 24 Year Old. Born of spirit from the earliest days of our distillery and patiently aged for 24 years.

Offering unmatched elegance and providing a rare glimpse into our distillery's inception, HH0004 has finally blossomed, taking its place as Australia's oldest whisky.

Core Range

Sullivans Cove Core Range single malt Tasmanian whiskies are our flagship labels. We have produced these three products consistently for over ten years and plan to continue releasing whiskies under these labels well into the future. 

The Sullivans Cove Core Range includes French Oak Single Tawny Cask, American Oak Single Bourbon Cask,  and Double Cask, which is a vatting of both French and American oak aged whiskies. View products for specific information about each style. 


Second-Fill casks are a truly special part of our distillery. We take a handpicked selection of our best barrels that have previously matured
Sullivans Cove single malt, and we fill them again. What follows is a slow and gentle collaboration of spirit and oak.

This longer maturation results in a softer, less oak-forward whisky with a complexity and uniqueness that cannot be replicated. Our best kept secret until now, Second-Fill casks reveal Sullivans Cove's spirit in its purest form.

Limited Releases

These limited release whiskies sit outside of our core range and will only be released occasionally. They may include our Special Cask label, one of our Cask Variations series, our annual Winter Feast release, special occasion whiskies or collaborations. View products for specific information about each whisky.


Sullivans Cove XO Double Cask Brandy was born from a collaboration between Sullivans Cove Distillery and the thriving Tasmanian wine industry, when ten years ago we were given the opportunity to distill wines from the Huon Valley. The result is a spirit of incredible depth and character, matured for many years by the unique Tasmanian climate.


The perfect gifts for the whisky lover in your life. We work with local artisans and the best Australian and international suppliers to bring you unique, high-quality merchandise to help you enjoy your Sullivans Cove whisky.

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