Special Cask 8th Edition
$750 AUD

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Special Cask Edition #8, TD0284, was aged for 11 years in a single 300-litre, first fill American oak ex-Muscat fortified wine cask. Bottled at 47.9% abv, this whisky is the first American oak ex-muscat single cask ever to be released by Sullivans Cove.

"This unique Muscat cask-aged whisky fills even the farthest corners of the palate with a complex, happy and intriguing narrative. This is one hell of a whisky, representing a beautiful partnership of Australian malt and fortified wine, and with the incredible power and length that only very old fortified wine casks can offer. More please! "
- Heather Tillott, Head Distiller


NOSE: The distinctive mint-eucalyptus note of an Australian Muscat jumps out right away, filling the nose with vanilla, musk, black jelly beans, burnt toffee, chocolate and caramel slice - like an old fashioned country sweets shop on a warm day. 

PALATE: Starting with a big wave of candied ginger and Anzac biscuits, the palate soon clams to lovely roundness of figs in syrup, dark honey, gentle menthol and orange liqueur. A nutty cigar flavour with a hint of soft smoke and a bushy flower note, like banksia. 

FINISH: A bust of apricot and coconut slice gets the finish started, followed by a wave of golden raisins and burnt toffee. The earthier notes start to come through next, harmonising perfectly with clove, coffee, herbal tea, dried fig and vanilla beans. Notes of rosewater and mint chocolate round out the finish with the incredible length that only very old fortified wine casks can offer.

Cask Number TD0284
11 years old 
47.9% ALC/VOL 
700ml Made in Tasmania 
2.125 kg 
12 x 12 x 26 cm

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