American Oak Tawny
$400 AUD

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Part of our Cask Variations series, American Oak Tawny Single Cask TD0199 was matured in an American oak cask previously used to mature Australian tawny, lending this whisky the fresh caramel and vanilla notes associated with American white oak combined with the rich Christmas spice and dried fruit flavours of port-style fortified wine. Aged for 12 years and bottled at 47.5% abv.

Nose: Canned peaches, dark roses, and a hint of clove with coconut cream, prunes,  coffee beans, chocolate and rich field honey. Deep, deep deep. 

Palate: Really gets the taste buds whirring! Creamy, cake batter, jammy with delicious cooking spices, ruby grapefruit peel, apple cake and a fun hint of dried mango. A lovely buttery shortbread and malty flavour throughout.

Finish: Coconut cream and a wave of dark jam leads to the top of an apple pie sprinkled with sugar. Then a long, warm, summery breath of orange rounding back to the classic fortified wine notes of prunes, plum sauce, dates and toasted almonds which doesn't really end, it just stays with you.


Cask Number TD0199
12 years old
47.5% ALC/VOL
Made in Tasmania 
2.125 kg 
12 x 12 x 26 cm

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