Sullivans Cove 25th Anniversary Release Whisky 0.77L 49.6% ALC/VOL
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25th Anniversary Special Edition Twenty One Year Old Sullivans Cove Distillery is celebrating 25 years, marking the anniversary with this very special limited-edition whisky. At an incredible 21 years of age, this whisky will be both the oldest Sullivans Cove has ever released and, as far as we know, the oldest official distillery release of Australian single malt whisky in modern history. Between 1994 and 1999, the founders of Sullivans Cove produced a total of 162 casks of whisky. All of these casks were thought to be lost to time; bottled and sold years ago in one form or another. But last year, a phone call from out of the blue led us to a warehouse in Hobart, where we discovered four casks of Sullivans Cove’s earliest single malt. We were overjoyed at the discovery of such an incredible part of our own story – four casks of liquid history to share with the world. We were even happier when we tasted the whisky and discovered its incredible richness, texture and depth of character. Sullivans Cove 25th Anniversary Special Edition is that whisky, aged for over 21 years in 200-litre American Oak ex-bourbon casks. Considering the incredibly advanced age and resulting low volume of these casks, the small amount of remaining whisky in each was married together to create this special release, yielding a total of 502 bottles at 49.6% abv. This incredibly rare whisky comes with a hand numbered and signed certificate of authenticity and is presented in a crystal decanter by Glencairn. The label design reflects the packaging of Sullivans Cove’s first release of Tasmanian single malt from the late 1990s.

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