Special Cask
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Special Cask Cask TD0119 was aged for eleven years and eight months in a 225L French Oak barrel that was previously used to mature Australian white wine. This cask produced only 321 bottles and is bottled at 52.3% ABV. "On the nose, we find pear and walnut initially, with emerging perfumed and herbal malt. At first sip, there's ripe cherries and mandarin, then an earthy element of cocoa with a soft and velvety texture. The citrus stays with the cocoa and coconut through the finish, and just when you think it's done, a warm burst of ripe raspberries gives extra length. An intriguing, elegant and charming cask unlike any other we've tasted." - Heather Tillott, Production Manager ---section--- Product Info Cask Number TD0119 11 years old 52.3% ALC/VOL 700ml Made in Tasmania 1.8 kg 12 x 12 x 26 cm
Special Cask tasting with Fred Siggins