French Oak

Cask TD0117 is a classic example of the Sullivans French Oak style, with notes of creme brulee crust, green mango, chewy lollies, apricots and raisin. Though quite dry through the mid palette, the finish lingers and kicks back in with fruit and a gentle, chilli flake heat, balanced with softer notes of clotted cream, star anise, light char, almonds and black cherry.

Very limited supply. One per customer. 

Product Info

Cask Number TD0117 
10 years old
47.5% ALC/VOL 
Made in Tasmania 
1.8 kg 
12 x 12 x 26 cm

Dark Chocolate, cinnamon, raisins
Fruit cake, dark toffee, orange peel
Lingering herbal oak and Christmas pudding
French Oak Tasting with Patrick Maguire