Fire Drum Vodka
$94 AUD

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Our single malt vodka is an expression of the pristine natural environment of Tasmania. Handcrafted from 100% local barley and pure Tasmanian mountain water, then double distilled on our unique pot still, this gentle, age-old approach produces a full-bodied spirit at once voluptuous, expressive and smooth. Produced with the same spirit we use to make our award winning single malt whiskies, Fire Drum Single Malt Vodka is charcoal filtered for extra smoothness. The result is a spirit of incredible depth and character.

Product Info

Made in Tasmania


Vanilla driven perfume, floral fruit, soft spice and cloves.
Soft, creamy, well structured and balanced. Herbal, then some spices and honey. English candy notes and a hint of pear.
Well-rounded fruity finish of a medium length with hints of honey and milk chocolate.