Double Cask
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Double Cask Batch DC106 is a marriage of portions of nine different casks ranging in age from 11 to 13 years. As well as American oak ex-bourbon casks, this batch also contains both first and second fill French Oak ex-tawny casks and whisky from one French oak cask previously used to mature Australian white wine. 

"There's something quite nostalgic about this whisky. Some spirits just conjure up more memories than others, and this is one of them. Deep, gentle, bold, dark, delicate. One to get lost in." 
-Heather Tillott, Head Distiller


NOSE: Seriously nutty, and deeply honeyed. Cocoa nibs, white chocolate, rye bread, ripe raspberries, along with dried apple, red rose petals, musk stick lollies and lemon peel. Vanilla is quite present, but taking a supporting role to hold the others together- someone nominate that vanilla for a Golden Globe! A whisper of sweet tobacco, and an old Cartier perfume: floral, nutty, woody, deep and elegant.

PALATE: Dream texture; velvety and thick without being too viscous. Loads of milk chocolate, peanut brittle, orange and raisins. Quite malty, and with flavours of dried coconut, rainbow Paddlepop, ripe cherries dried banana, glacé pineapple and dried ginger.

FINISH: A wave of pears and apples with a burst of citrus freshness leading to roasted macadamias, dates, fresh coconut, fruit & nit chocolate, and cola. Then a flush of apricot blossom, with a touch of brine and earthy vegetal notes.


Batch Number DC106
11 years old
Made in Tasmania
2.125 kg
12 x 12 x 26 cm

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