Sullivans Cove American Oak Tawny 700ml
$400 AUD

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Aged for eleven years and bottled at 47.5% abv, cask number TD0074 is the first in our new series of cask variations, combining the best of both worlds with an American oak cask previously used to age Australian tawny fortified wine.

As with our classic American Oak expression, the timber lends lots of sweet vanilla and caramel and allows the backbone of high-quality Tasmanian malted barley to shine through. But because this cask was previously used to age tawny, not bourbon, this whisky gets a powerful dose of rich fruits, flowers and vivid autumn flavours as well. 

"Impeccably balanced and delightfully enjoyable, this whisky is the old friend of your future. Spend some time getting to know her and you won't be disappointed."

- Heather Tillot, Production Manager

Product Info

Cask Number TD0074
11 years old
47.5% ALC/VOL 
Made in Tasmania 
1.8 kg 
12 x 12 x 26 cm